Dog Clothing For Your Chihuahua


Finding the right dog clothing for your Chihuahua, sometimes can be quite challenging. Not knowing where to buy from, or where to find the best deals. But why you should consider spending money on different dog outfits.

There’s a several reason why you should purchase dog clothing for your puppy. Your dog may not be acclimated to the cold winter or the hot summer. Especially if you own a Chihuahua, a dog sweater can be really useful on cold winter days. Exposed to the cold, it can take just minutes to become dangerously chilled.

On a hot summer days she can suffer heatstroke, while the scorching pavement can make your puppy to suffer. Fortunately more and more dog owners recognize the importance of pet clothing. Lot of pet owners decide to buy different dog t shirts not only to protect them from the elements, but for making their puppies to look stylish. Also you can choose a customized dog sweater,  to reflect your puppy’s personality.

So what kind of dog clothes should you buy for your Chihuahua?

Good clothing can help your Chihuahua to better adapt to different seasonal changes and enjoy more time outdoors, while customs and sportswear can add fun to holidays and special events.

A good clothing will:

  • Keep your dog dry
  • Warm your dog
  • Protect his paws
  • Reduce insect bites
  • Keep his coat clean
  • Protecting against fleas and ticks
  • Protect him against sunburn
  • Cool him in hot weather

Dogs do not sweat through their skin. Instead they release through paws, ears and tongue. On a hot summers a light protective clothing like cotton jersey can help to cool them down by reflecting the hot rays of sun. Also no dog enjoys being over chilled. Jackets, sweatshirts can protect your dog’s body heat. On a rainy days, a raincoat for your Chi is well recommended.

Trying them on

Most Chihuahuas readily accept different type of dog clothing as long as they are comfortable. Chihuahua clothes are also coming in different sizes. It is very important to make sure that you are ordering the right size for your Chi. A too tight tee shirt can make your puppy to suffer.

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