Introducing A New Chihuahua To The Family


When it comes to introducing a new Chihuahua to the family members, the best thing to do is, to make the introduction low-key so as not to overwhelm the puppy. Since everyone in the house will be excited about the puppy’s homecoming and will want to pet and play with him.

Your Chihuahua puppy will already be apprehensive. It is the first time he has been separated from his mother, littermates and the breeder, and the ride to your home is likely to be the first time he has been in a car.

The last thing you want to do is smother your Chihuahua, as this will only frighten him further. This is not to say that human contact is not extremely necessary at this stage, this is the time when a connection between the pup and his human family is formed. Gentle petting and soothing words should help console your Chihuahua, as well as just putting him down and letting him explore on his own.

Your dog may approach your family members or busy himself with exploring for a while. Gradually, each person should spend some time with the pup, one at a time, crouching down to get as close to the Chihuahua’s level as possible and letting him sniff their hands before petting him gently.

He definitely needs human attention and he needs to be touched; this is how to form an immediate bond. Just remember that your pup is experiencing a lot of things for the first time, at the same time. There are new people, noises, smells and things to investigate, so be gentle, be affectionate and be as comforting as possible.

Your Chihuahua’s first night home

You have traveled home with your new Chihuahua. He may have already been to the vet for a thorough check-up, he’s been weighed, his papers examined, perhaps he’s even been vaccinated and dewormed.

Your Chihuahua has met the whole family, including the excited children and the less than happy cat. He’s explored his area, his new bed, the yard and anywhere else he’s permitted. He’s eaten his first meal at home and relieved himself in the proper place. Your Chihuahua has heard lots of new sounds, smelled new friends and seen more of the outside world than ever before.

This was just the first day! He’s worn out and is ready for bed-or so you think! Remember, this is your puppy’s first night to sleep alone. His mother and littermates are no longer at paw’s length and he’s scared, cold and lonely. Be reassuring to your new family member, but this is not the time to spoil your Chihuahua and give in to his inevitable whining.

Puppies whine. They whine to let others know where they are and hopefully to get company out of it. Place your Chihuahua puppy in his new bed or crate in his room and close the door. Mercifully, he may fall asleep without a peep. If the inevitable occurs, ignore the whining; he is fine. Do not give in and visit your puppy. Don’t worry; he will fall asleep eventually.

Many breeders recommend placing a piece of bedding from a puppy’s former home in his new bed so that he will recognize the scent of his littermates. Others advise placing a warm water bottle in his bed for warmth. The latter may be a good idea provided the pup doesn’t attempt to suckle; he’ll get good and wet and may not fall asleep so fast.

Your Chihuahua’s first night in his new home can be somewhat terrifying for him. Remember, you set the tone of nighttime at your house. Unless you want to play with your pup every night at 10 pm, midnight and 2 am, don’t  initiate the habit-even if your Chi is whining. Your family will thank you, and so will your pup!

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