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Is Chihuahua Right For You?


Although the breed standard is fundameis-chihuahua-right-for-yountal is maintaining the integrity of each unique breed, it is wise to remember that a standard describes an ideal dog. Rarely is there even a champion that possesses all the specific qualities of his breed’s standard. If you don’t plan on showing your Chihuahua, such criteria may still be useful for selecting a well-rounded puppy. By searching for the perfect dog, aesthetically speaking, you may miss the Chihuahua that is perfect for you!

Indoors or Outdoors?


Chihuahuas are generally not ououtdoor-dogstdoor dogs. Although they enjoy taking leisurely walks with their owners and romping outside on sunny days, they typically prefer cuddles to hike -and whether seeking love or warmth, often prefer to be touching you. Chihuahuas are extremely vulnerable to cold weather, their size and close proximity to the ground makes it difficult to their bodies to retain heat. Most of them detest rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Dogs with fair skin, like the Chihuahuas are all especially susceptible to sunburn, but any dog can burn if exposed to the sun for too long. Any body part not covered by fur – primarily the nose, tips of the ear, and belly – can be extremely vulnerable.

Canine Companion For Your Chi


A fellow canine compcanine-companion-for-your-chianion is probably the best gift an owner can give his or her dog. Extreme care needs to be used, however, when adding another dog to your family – even more care than you used when selecting your first dog. You must consider the breed, age, temperament, and history of this new dog – and be certain that it will be a safe mix.

Chihuahuas typically love other Chihuahuas. What is more impressive, though, is how they always seem to know their own kind. Often referred to as clannish, most Chihuahuas prefer their own breed to others.

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