Treatment For Dog Arthritis


treatment-for-dog-arthritisHere we’re going to talk about 5 new ways to treat dog arthritis. Human remedies for the common age-related breakdown of cartilage, which triggers joint pain, can also soothe your slowing, limping pup.  Inflammation in joints can occur quite often, especially with dogs of larger size, but that doesn’t mean that your Chihuahua can’t suffer from it.

Dogs can be great companions for outdoor exercise, like hiking, playing games and many other activities. Like human beings, dogs won’t feel like exerting much physical effort, if they suffer from this disease. The good news is that there steps that can be taken to ease the pain. Nutrition supplements, Eastern medicine, and even joint-friendly furniture are all therapeutic treatments now days.

Learn what’s available so you can help out your best friend.


The best-known human therapy now used for dog arthritis? Supplemental glucosamine and chondroitin, two components of joints that naturally occur in the body. Although they’re nutrients, no single food can deliver sufficient amounts. But drizzling a processed supplement over dog food has been found to reduce pain and improve function even three months after feeding therapy has been stopped, and it involves neither a prescription nor side effects.


Prescribed by the vet, anti-inflammatories can offer the same quick relief for your 12-year-old Chihuahua as they do for you. Obvious signs of discomfort – lameness, a limp – suggest intense, immediate pain, which elderly dogs no longer just have to bear. To reach fast relief over dog joint pain, ask your vet to prescribe a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory (NSAID) like ibuprofen.


Manipulating the spine to treat and prevent dog arthritis, among many diseases, might be the newest therapy to catch on at the vet’s office. Certified veterinary chiropractors possess a special understanding of a dog’s skeleton. The theory is that adjustments treat an area of the spine where there’s some interference of sensitive nerves. The practitioner will expertly trace problems in a dog’s gait and mobility to points on his back.

Back Support

Like us, elderly dogs whose backs aren’t properly supported when sleeping may experience discomfort, which can grow with time. Investing in a so called therapeutic dog bed can’t hurt. You can probably find one for less than the cost of a vet visit. Money well spent!

Geriatric ramps and steps

Grandma isn’t the only one who benefits from a little help climbing a high step. Don’t overlook furniture, that improves access to higher places around the house. Offerings include foam steps, ramps, and even harnesses for sore or immobile hind legs.

If degenerative arthritis is the problem, more invasive methods may be required. Surgery can be another option in treating dog arthritis, especially if the joints have been seriously damaged. One type of surgery is arthroscopic surgery, which means a vet will make tiny incisions and clean out the cartilage Your vet may also recommend a more invasive surgery to replace the entire damaged joint with an artificial one.

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