Crate Training A Chihuahua

In most cases, crate training a Chihuahua can be really easy, all you need is just a little patience.  It is very important to make the crate a home base.

Besides serving as your pup’s private den and his home away from home, your puppy’s crate (in our case a Chihuahua) is your best house training tool. But before you teach him his bathroom manners, you should teach your Chihuahua to accept, and even enjoy, being crated.

Here are some simple steps to follow when it comes to crate training puppies:

  • Every time you put your dog in his crate, toss a favorite toy or special treat into the crate ahead of him.

  •  Say “Crate” or “Kennel up” and gently, but firmly, put him inside and shut the door.
  • Now walk away. Don’t wait around to see how he responds, because that entices him to react.

It won’t be long before your puppy learns what “Crate” means and enters his little den on his own.

Adapting your puppy to his crate

Your Chi puppy may cry the first few times he’s introduced to his crate, but if you leave the room and don’t retrieve him until he settles down, he’ll soon learn to relax in it. The worst thing you can do is rescue him when cries, because that teaches him to control you by whining and howling.

At night, make sure your puppy relieves himself before you crate him and then put his crate in your bedroom, right beside your bed. If he cries in his crate as soon as the lights go out, sing or whistle soothingly to him ( to let him know that someone in near ), but don’t take him out of the crate.

The first few nights are the hardest on him, because your place won’t feel like home yet. Crate training puppies can be frustrating at the beginning, since a young puppy is used to snuggling with his mother and litter mates, and  he misses them most during the wee hours. Making them to cry throughout  the night. Be prepared to lose some sleep.

Like it or not, you must get up quickly and take your puppy outside to relieve himself. Dogs don’t like to soil their sleeping quarters, which is why a crate is such a good house training aid. But if you ignore his plea to go potty, he’ll have to soil his crate. Puppies just don’t have much holding power. If crate accidents happen too often, he’ll adjust to living with filth instead of maintaining the clean habits he was born with.

Never use the crate to punish your dog, and be careful not to use it too much. Your dog doesn’t need to spend the majority of his time in a crate. How do you know if you’re doing right? Watch his reaction as he matures. Eventually, his attitude toward his crate should become neutral. If he either resists going into it or loves it so much that it’s hard to get him out of it, something is wrong.

When your Chihuahua matures, you may want to leave a crate in a corner of your living room with the door always open. He may appreciate a private place of his own where he can chew a toy or take a nap when he needs one. Let your kids and friends know that when he curls up in his crate, he’s tired and wants to be left alone.

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