Chihuahua Chewing Problems


Dealing with Chihuahua chewing pdog-chewing-problemsroblems is probably the biggest challenge what most Chihuahua owners have to face with. If there’s one thing puppies are known for, it’s their ability to destroy expensive shoes in a matter of minutes. Chihuahuas chew for many reasons – teething, instinct and to explore new things around the house.

You can better control your dog’s chewing habit through supervision, puppy proofing your house and giving your Chihuahua puppy appropriate chew toys. Be clear about what thing your Chihuahua is allowed to chew. Don’t let him chew an old slipper if you don’t want him eating your new shoes because he can’t tell the difference.

Make sure your Chihuahua always has access to safe chew toys. His desire to chew may fade over time, but chew toys will keep his teeth clean and exercise his jaws. Consult your veterinarian before giving your puppy edible toys like rawhide bones.

To prevent chewing problems with your Chihuahua, first you need to understand the reasons behind it. Dogs chew for many different reasons. They chew on items in their environment to learn about objects, just the way a baby  automatically puts objects in his mouth to learn about them.

Dogs also chew when they are bored and when they have too much energy from not getting enough exercise. As your dog’s owner, it is your job to teach your Chihuahua about the items he is allowed to chew and keep inappropriate items out of his reach. They also go through teething periods between 3 and 7 months of age.

When your puppy is teething and trying to chew everything in sight, remember that this is just a phase and it will not last forever. During teething, make sure your Chi has appropriate things to chew, such as a Kong or other puppy-safe teething toys. Teething puppies may also enjoy chewing a rope bone that has been soaked in water and then frozen.

In addition to giving your Chihuahua a variety of appropriate toys to chew, you must supervise his activities to make sure he does not have a chance to chew anything inappropriate. You should exercise your Chi often and train him frequently for short periods to help ensure that he is getting the physical and mental stimulation he needs. This will help prevent him from chewing because of boredom or excess energy.

An other way to avoid chewing problems is, to try spraying items with a bad tasting substance to deter your Chi’s interest from items you cannot keep out of his reach, such as electrical cables. Most pet supply stores sell a bitter-tasting spray. You can also try applying a bit of hot sauce or mouthwash to items to deter your dog from chewing.

Don’t discipline your Chihuahua if you find him chewing something off-limits. Scolding will only teach him that chewing in front of you is wrong and your dog will start to hide his chewing from you. Give your Chi a chew toy in exchange for the valuable object. You can get your dog used to exchanging items by playing the game “Give and Take”.

If your Chihuahua brings you something he has found, thank him for retrieving it and give him a treat. If the next thing he finds is your expensive watch, he’ll be more inclined to turn it in rather than make it into a snack. However, if your Chihuahua puppy continually shows up with items he’s not supposed to have, you need to supervise him more closely and check that your house has been thoroughly puppy-proofed.

Until you have trained your Chihuahua to chew only appropriate items, you should keep him in his crate when you are away from home or unable to supervise him.

Learn how to control your dog’s chewing problems by following these step by step training strategy.


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