Socializing Chihuahua Dogs

Here we’ll discuss how to bond with your Chihuahua, read her body language, and help her gain confidence.

If you have other pets, they should also be included in your Chihuahua’s socialization program. If your Chihuahua is a puppy, begin socializing him to other species as young as possible. Puppies are far more willing to form friendships with other species. If these introductions are made during his intensive […]

Chihuahuas and Other Pets

You can assume that your Chihuahua’s behavior has some sort of intention, as crazy as that might seem sometimes. Social behavior or signals that are directed at people or other dogs, with intention, is communication. Chihuahuas routinely communicate to their two-legged family members, using a range of signals, including playful, […]

Reading Your Chihuahua Body Language

  If you pay attention to your dog’s body language, you soon find out how to read her needs and even predict her next moves. Your Chihuahua communicates through her facial expressions, using her ears, eyes, brows, lips, nose, and mouth. She also talks through her tail, coat (hackles), and […]

Interpreting Dog Body Language

  What’s more fun than watching a puppy play? Watching several puppies frolic together and then your Chi being invited to join in. This treat awaits you after your dog has been immunized and can safely attend puppy kindergarten. When your puppy is between 4 and 6 months old, she’s […]

Attending Puppy Kindergarten