Submissive Urination In Chihuahuas


When you come home, does your dog greet you happily but with a hint of shyness, while squatting and dribbling several drops of urine? That’s called submissive urination. Though often mistaken for a house training problem, this is really an anxiety problem and has nothing to do with house training at all.

The tendency may be inherited, may be caused by harsh or too-frequent corrections, or even by abuse  your Chihuahua suffered before you got him.

Between wolves in the wild, submissive urination in dogs means: “Hi boss. Sure hope I didn’t do anything to upset you, but if I did, I’m sorry”. Though it happens most often during a greeting, a dribble may also occur when you bend over him to pick him up or when you chastise him. The urination is a conditioned reflex to dominant treatment, and your Chihuahua isn’t doing it on purpose. In fact, he doesn’t know he’s doing it at all.

Never chastise your Chi for submissive urination, because that only makes it worse.

The easiest way to prevent this problem, is to come and go without making a fuss. Long apologies before leaving and boisterous homecomings overstimulate many dogs, and excited dogs behave erratically.

Toss a treat for your puppy the minute you arrive home instead of bending over to pick him up. After he eats the treat, ignore him until he comes to you for attention. When he does, tickle under his chin or rub his chest (with your palm up) instead of reaching over his head or bending over him.

You also can teach him a few easy commands so he knows how to please you and earn praise. Then use a simple command, such as “Sit”, when you greet each other. Now you’ve given him a positive way to express his devotion and earn your praise.

Compliments from you are what eventually break the submissive urination cycle in your puppy. Being praised for a correct response builds confidence, and confidence is the main factor to conquer submissive urination in dogs.

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