The Basics Of Potty Training A Chihuahua



Potty training a Chihuahua can be easily done, by following some simple, but important rules. But first you need to recognize the signs of needs.

Recognizing the sign of need

Many times, your Chihuahua must relieve himself more often than other larger breeds. When house training, prevention works wonders, so watch him closely.
Take your puppy outside immediately if he exhibits the following behavior:

  • Begins walking in circles and sniffing the floor
  • Starts panting when he hasn’t been exercising
  • Suddenly leaves the room

Remember! Play, heavy exercise, and a nice massage act as on switches for puppy plumbing. So if you just finished a playing or petting session, it’s a good idea to take your Chihuahua outside.

Does it sound like you’ll be running in and out as often as a confused cat? Well, for a while, you will be. But it isn’t a life sentence. As your pup gets older, he’ll need to eat only twice a day and his holding capacity will increase, so he’ll need fewer trips outdoors.

Dealing with accidents

All puppies make mistakes. Often you will end up cleaning up some mess after your Chi. But don’t get frustrated. This can happen quite often while potty training a puppy.

If you get home too late and your dog already had an accident, don’t make a big  deal out of it. Your puppy won’t understand why you’re so angry with him when he was so glad to see you, and that leads to far worse problems.

Pointing at the poop while screaming at him won’t help. You’ll surely scare him, which may lead to anxiety related problems.

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If the dirty deed was done before you got home, take your pup outside anyway. Eventually, he’ll learn to expect and wait for the opportunity to go outside. Have patience and understand that he may still be too young to control himself for the length of time that you were away.

Clean up the soiled spot as soon as you can, using an odor neutralizer or plain white vinegar.

Buy a good odor neutralizer and stain remover. Removing the evidence of your dog’s mistakes immediately, keeps your house looking and smelling like home, not a kennel. An odor-free floor is an important part of house training. Dogs tend to potty where their noses tell them they went before, so quick cleanups help prevent future accidents.

Never use any cleanup product containing ammonia, for the crate or the carpet. The odor of ammonia makes dogs seek out the same spot to go potty again.

If you catch your Chi in the act, while eliminates, you may be able to stop him mid-squat with a firm “NO! ” or a loud noise like clapping your hands. Pick him up, hurry him outside to the right spot, and praise him if he finishes what he started.

Contrary to old wives tales, swatting a dog with a rolled-up newspaper or putting his nose in his mess won’t work. Punishment teaches a dog to eliminate behind the sofa where he thinks you won’t find it, not to go outside and do it proudly in front of you.

If you followed through the whole process of potty training a puppy, and your Chihuahua still leaves doggy-do on the carpet, keep the routine going, but add the following:

  • When you come home, don’t greet your Chi or give him any positive attention until after he eliminates in the proper place. Then praise the devil out of him.
  • Learn to read your dog’s bathroom language. Most puppies circle several times before squatting. if your dog starts circling, pick him up and head for the potty place. Then praise him for going there.
  • Control his intake of water. Give him free access to water during the day-especially with and after his meals and following activity-but take away his water dish about three hours before you go to bed.
  • When you’re home, keep your puppy with you on lead until he’s reliably housebroken. That way he can’t sneak a whiz behind the sofa.



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