The Basics Of House Training Chihuahuas




Despite the fact that Chihuahuas have an undeserved bad reputation when it comes to obedience training, house training Chihuahuas is not harder than house training any other breeds. Dogs are naturally clean critters, yet having accidents in the house is considered one of the biggest behavior problems in the Toy breeds.

The truth is, Toy dogs are every bit as bright as larger breeds, and they can control themselves just as well as big dogs.

Thousands of chihuahuas are extremely reliable in the home, and yours can be one of them if you follow the guidelines on this page.

You’ll learn here, how to avoid the problems in the house and house train your Chi from the start.

Common Toy dog misconceptions

Do Chihuahua puppies have poor plumbing systems? Not at all. House training puppies are considered really hard because so many owners don’t get around in training until their dogs have already developed bad habits. Then they face the enormous job of breaking the habits rather than the much easier task of establishing good ones.

Here’s why Chihuahua dog owners let their puppies get away with leaving puddles and poops on the floor:

  • Because the accident is so tiny that it can be cleaned up quickly
  • Because the dog is so small, he probably doesn’t understand
  • Because he hates to get his feet wet and it’s drizzling outside
  • Because no one in the house feels ambitious enough at the time to walk the dog

People love to give those excuses when letting their little dogs do it on the floor just one more time.

To clear your head of that kind of thinking, remember the following:

The accidents may be easy to clean, but do you want to clean up accidents several times a day for the next dozen or more years? Being small isn’t the same as being stupid. Chihuahuas are smart. Your dog will understand if you take the time to teach him.

Toy dogs are still dogs, and he needs to learn to relieve himself in the right place, rain or shine. Most dogs do their duty real fast during bad weather.
Before you start house training puppies, you must train yourself.

Your Chi may take longer to be reliably house broken than a big dog because Toy dogs see the world differently than large dogs do. As far as they’re concerned, it’s a long way from the kitchen to behind the living room sofa, so they can squat there and still consider themselves clean critters.

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Keep your dog close to you until he understands exactly where he’s supposed to go potty. And keep in mind that Toy dogs have to relieve themselves a little more often than large dogs.

Never train your dog when you’re in a bad mood. Puppies are just learning how to learn, and your earliest teachings color their life-long attitude toward training.

Keeping to a routine

The keys to house training puppies are a regular routine and an alert trainer(that’s you!). A housebroken dog is simply a dog with a habit of
eliminating outdoors.

You need to feed, groom, and take your dog outside to eliminate at the same times every day. Besides being healthier, a routine makes house training puppies much easier. Dogs are creatures of habit, so sticking to a schedule from day one helps your Chi make sense of his new environment. As he begins to recognize his daily routine, he’ll learn to understand your expectations. And because puppies love to please, the habits he forms will be good ones.

When house training a Chihuahua, take him to the same outdoor area to go potty every time, and repeat  the same words-”Go Potty” for instance, as he
eliminates. Routine is so important, so taking the same route to the potty place every time is a good idea.

Chihuahuas are naturally clean dogs and don’t want to soil their living quarters. When house training your Chihuahua and establishing a routine, take advantage of that trait by confining him to a dog crate every time you’re away or he’s left unsupervised. Then as soon as you arrive home, take him outside and praise him for eliminating.

If he soils his crate, clean up the mess immediately. Besides being dangerous to his health, a wet or dirty crate teaches your Chi to live with mess.

Keeping up with the routine and staying on a schedule, is crucial when it comes to house training puppies. So you may need to get up 15 minutes earlier, and come straight home from work until your pup is a little older.

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