Training A Chihuahua

In this section we’re going to talk about some training tips you can use when training a Chihuahua: crate training, potty training, obedience training, controlling barking and many more.

using food lures while training
Sometimes waiting for your Chi to produce the desired behavior on her own may take too long. In this case, using food lures to shape your Chihuahua into position can be very effective and is absolutely nonconfrontational and nonthreatening. A really good example of using a food lure to shape […]

Using Food Lures While Training

including training into your daily life
Teaching your Chihuahua to respond to basic commands is the obvious benefit of training. Including these training skills into your daily life will make your interaction with your dog a success!! For example, perhaps your Chihuahua regularly launches into a barking frenzy when the doorbell rings. Chihuahuas are naturally territorial, […]

Including Training Into Your Daily Life

Most people assume that a dog that guards her resources – like food, bones, chews, toys, or stolen goods – is a very bad, dominant, aggressive dog. Precisely the opposite is usually true. Usually, and this is most obvious in a pack of dogs, the alpha Chihuahua doesn’t need to […]

Dealing With Resource Guarding

Communicating with your Chihuahua is extremely important when it comes to training your  puppy. To understand how a dog communicates can be crucial in our training efforts. Voice. Dogs are extremely sensitive to human vocal tones. Although your Chihuahua doesn’t have the capacity to understand English, his ability to understand […]

Communicating with Your Chihuahua

Even the best dogs with the best owners can sometimes do the worst things. Too often distraught owners get their training advice from the next-door neighbor or dog trainers who don’t have a scientific background in dog behavior. Veterinarians can sometimes offer advice, but few are extensively trained in behavior. […]

Chihuahua Behavior Problems

It can be difficult to narrow down what your Chihuahua really needs to know, and overwhelming to know where to start. There are dozens of potential skills and tricks you could teach, but how do you know what you should start with, and what is really necessary? It is a […]

Skills To Teach Your Chihuahua

Understanding how to apply positive reinforcement training to your Chihuahua can be overwhelming when you just want a well behaved, well adjusted companion. Not everyone wants to master an entire scientific discipline, they just want a pet they can live with. With that in mind, the following basic principles can […]

Positive Reinforcement Training

Behaviorists identify up to fifteen different kinds of aggression in dogs. An important point to remember is that aggressive behavior serves a function to the aggressor and is therefore reinforced when conflict happens and the outcome is in his favor. However, this also means aggressive behaviors can be changed, and […]

How To Handle Aggressive Chihuahua Behavior

There are many mistaken assumptions about how dogs really learn: It’s all in the voice (usually, deep, loud, and booming); you need to show them who’s the boss (by rolling them on their back to make them submit); endless repetitions (often with “corrections” for wrong behavior); old dogs can’t learn […]

How Dogs Really Learn

Clicker training refers to training using operant conditioning principles, using a behavior marker linked to positive reinforcement of high value. Clicker trainers routinely leave out negative reinforcement and positive punishment, due to the unwanted side effects of inhibiting behavior and forming negative associations with the trainer. Of course, not all […]

Clicker Training Your Chihuahua

  There is a wide array of aggressive behaviors that any dog has the potential to exhibit. Ethologists identify over a dozen different kinds of aggression, ranging from maternal aggression, the hormonally mediated defense of offspring, to food-related aggression, a subset of resource guarding. Defining the term itself is complex […]

Aggression In Chihuahuas

  Before starting the house training process, it is important to realize that from the perspective of new puppies or untrained dogs, there is no good reason why they should not potty inside the home. It is up to people to give their dogs the tools they need to succeed […]

Different Potty Training Tips

    Potty training a Chihuahua can be easily done, by following some simple, but important rules. But first you need to recognize the signs of needs. Recognizing the sign of need Many times, your Chihuahua must relieve himself more often than other larger breeds. When house training, prevention works […]

The Basics Of Potty Training A Chihuahua

  Having dogs with separation anxiety can be quite a big problem, when it comes to leaving your puppy alone while at work. Especially if you don’t have nobody to keep on eye on him while you’re gone.  Home Alone and Feeling Frantic Most mature dogs catch a nap when […]

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

  When you come home, does your dog greet you happily but with a hint of shyness, while squatting and dribbling several drops of urine? That’s called submissive urination. Though often mistaken for a house training problem, this is really an anxiety problem and has nothing to do with house […]

Submissive Urination In Chihuahuas

  Many times you ask yourself: why is my Chihuahua aggressive towards me? Aggressive Chihuahua behavior in many cases may extend beyond the food dish. Some Chihuahuas demand sole ownership of their favorite chairs, their end of sofa, or even their snuggle spots on the bed. And when anyone tries […]

Why Is My Chihuahua Aggressive?

  To stop a Chihuahua barking can be quite challenging most of the times. Chihuahuas make good watchdogs because they have excellent hearing and a loud bark, considering their size. Some barking is a good thing. Most people are glad when their dogs tell them that strangers are approaching their […]

How To Stop A Chihuahua Barking

  A crate can be enormously useful for the purpose of house training a Chihuahua. Dogs, even the youngest puppies, are naturally very clean animals. They do not wish to urinate or defecate in the same place where they sleep. By keeping your dog in a crate just large enough […]

House Training By Using A Crate

  Beside house training issues, common Chihuahua behavior problems include: destructive chewing, excessive barking, jumping, nipping, and possessiveness. Okay, that’s the bad news. The good news is that if your Chihuahua is still young, you can prevent most of the typical pitfalls of puppyhood. And prevention is a whole lot […]

How To Prevent Behavior Problems

  The most mistakes what Toy-breed owners make often, is teaching their dogs how to walk on a leash too late. It’s so easy to carry a tiny dog that some people just don’t get around when it comes to leash training a Chihuahua. Some breeders teach their puppies to […]

Leash Training Your Chihuahua

  Imagine how nice it is living with a dog that always comes when you call, sits and lies down on command, stays in place when told to, and respects the words No and Enough. Well, obedience training is easier than you may think.  Teaching Words that all good dogs […]

Obedience Training

In most cases, crate training a Chihuahua can be really easy, all you need is just a little patience.  It is very important to make the crate a home base. Besides serving as your pup’s private den and his home away from home, your puppy’s crate (in our case a […]

Crate Training A Chihuahua

    Despite the fact that Chihuahuas have an undeserved bad reputation when it comes to obedience training, house training Chihuahuas is not harder than house training any other breeds. Dogs are naturally clean critters, yet having accidents in the house is considered one of the biggest behavior problems in […]

The Basics Of House Training Chihuahuas

  Indoor training offers one major advantage over outdoor training – your dog can relieve himself whenever the need arises, whether anyone is home or not. This may be a considerable asset to you if you work outside the home. Many Chihuahua owners also choose this route because it is […]

Indoor Training