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If you are considering adding a Chihuahua to your home, you’re the newest member of a huge and very enthusiastic fan club. The Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

Sometimes when people see a book or read an article about training Chihuahuas they snicker or giggle. They don’t always seem to take training small dogs seriously. After all, how much trouble could a six-pound Chihuahua get into, so why all that effort to train him?

Here’s a few reason why you should consider training your Chihuahua:

The first reason is for his safety. If your Chihuahua is uncontrollable, especially in public, he is in danger. What would happen if you opened your car door in a busy parking lot, your Chihuahua launched out into the mayhem, and you had absolutely no recall training under your belt?


chihuahua puppy training

Another important reason is for other people’s safety. If your Chihuahua is snarly and aggressive out of fear, anyone reaching to pet him is at risk for a nip. Small dogs hurt when they bite too, and a bite directed at your face, or that of a well-meaning child’s, can be dangerous.
A trained Chihuahua is happier, too. Too many dogs go through life worried in unfamiliar situations because they don’t know what to do. Your dog will appreciate it when you direct his behavior, but if you have not taught your Chihuahua any skills, how can you tell him what to do? Often, the little Chihuahua is shy, nervous, or hyperactive, and his human is frustrated and embarrassed by his resulting behavior.

Mostly, we train because it’s fun. Nothing brings out the human-animal bond like a relationship built on trust and good communication, and positive-reinforcement training is the way to get there.


Fitting a Chihuahua into your life

Training a Chihuahua puppy isn’t harder than training any other breeds. The sooner you start the training lessons the faster your Chihuahua going to learn and adept.

A Chihuahua relies on you for food, housing, education, affection, toys, and medical care. Unlike a child, your puppy won’t ever become independent. Your Chi won’t fix his own dinner, brush his own hair. Instead, he’ll depend on you for his health and happiness all his life.

Your dog needs to be walked and fed, and both of you will look forward to snuggling through a sitcom or two. Just keep in mind that no matter how frazzled you are, and no matter how late it is, your dog still needs your attention and affection.

Puppies aren’t perfect. Chances are you’ll have to clean up some accidents while house training Chihuahua puppies. Even though a Chi’s poops are small, they can make a big mess on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

Considering the long-term cost, some breeds-Chihuahua for example-don’t eat much, but they still need the following:

1. Quality food
2. Puppy shots, an annual checkup complete with vaccinations, and regular worming
3. Minor surgery to spay or neuter
4. Medication to prevent heartworm
5. A crate, grooming equipment, a collar and leash, dog dishes
6. A variety of toys and dog treats what can be really handy, when it comes to training your pup

The Chihuahua Temperament

Best known for being the world’s smallest dog, the Chihuahua is anything but light on personality. Like other toy breeds, the Chihuahua’s primary role is companionship, but don’t confuse his desire for affection with a docile nature.

Because of their high energy levels and playful temperaments, Chihuahuas are often likened to terriers. Also similar to many terriers, Chihuahuas possess little understanding of their size. This brave little dog is surprisingly quick to defend both home and family. His watchdog tendencies may be rooted more in bravado than brawn, but it can be a heartwarming guise of protection nonetheless.

If you decide that you want a dog companion, right on! You’re going to love living with a dog, if your dog lives up to your expectations. A wrong match between dog and owner usually brings misery, like a bad marriage, while a good match means years of satisfaction and fun.

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