Traveling With Your Chihuahua

If vacation plans include your Chihuahua, make sure that he is healthy enough to travel, whether it is by car or air. Dogs are not allowed on buses or boats unless they are certified to perform a vital service for a disabled person

  If your Chihuahua is prone to motion sickness, your veterinarian can prescribe medications to help your dog cope with stop and go traffic, long drives, and the monotony of all-day confinement. If you own a vehicle and your dog is not used to long-distance travel, take him on short […]

Traveling By Car

  Each airline has different policies regarding travel with pets. Nearly all charge a fee. Before paying for a reservation, call the airline to determine its pet policy. Remember, airline policies are subject to change without notice. Because of the Chihuahua’s small size, he may avoid being checked as baggage. […]

Traveling By Air

  The best person to watch your Chihuahua in your absence is a close friend or relative. A Chihuahua is most comfortable in his own home. If that is not possible, consider either a kennel, house sitter, or day care. Boarding kennels, reputable pet sitters, and day cares all require […]

Finding Pet Sitters