Feeding A Chihuahua

Feeding a Chihuahua the best way, is quite simple, if you know exactly what your puppy needs to stay healthy. You have probably heard it a thousand times: You are what you eat. Believe it or not, it is very true especially for dogs. Dogs are what you feed them because they have little choice in the matter. Even smart Chihuahua owners, who truly want to feed their dogs the best, often cannot do so because they don’t know which foods are best for their dog.

Thinking of introducing raw food to your Chihuahua’s menu options? Here are the pros and cons. The growing trend of feeding uncooked meat and vegetables to our dogs has resulted in a whole refrigerated section full of new options. The appeal? Less processing and fewer mystery ingredients. But there’s a […]

Raw Food For Your Chihuahua

buying healthy dog food
  Healthy dog food is crucial when it comes to building a healthy Chihuahua. Chihuahuas, and people, need a variety of nutrients to stay healthy: Carbohydrates are starches, sugars, fiber. They aid in digestion and elimination and provide energy and the proper assimilation of fats. Excess carbohydrates are stored in […]

Buying Healthy Dog Food

foods to avoid for chihuahuas
  Probably you asked yourself a few times: which are the best dog treats for my Chihuahua? Dogs of all ages love treats and table food, but these goodies can unbalance your Chi’s diet and lead to a weight problem if you don’t choose and feed them wisely. Table food, […]

Foods To Avoid

choosing premium dog food
  The best way to feed your Chihuahua a balanced diet – giving her the nutrition she needs – is to choose an excellent commercial dog food (premium dog food) and stick with it. Good nutrition is essential to prevent dietary deficiency diseases. The right diet helps your Chihuahua fight […]

Choosing Premium Dog Food

popular types of dog food
  Here we’re going to discuss the positive and negative aspects of using different types of dog food for your Chihuahua. Dry dog food Dry dog food, sold in bags or boxes, is the most popular commercial style feed. Here are some of the positive aspects of dry food: It’s […]

Popular Types Of Dog Food

recommended people food
  Our advice is to incorporate the following foods two to three times a week, in place of your pup’s normal chow. Feed real, whole foods to dogs whenever possible, because processing foods results in their losing many of the beneficial traits that make them great. Talk with your veterinarian […]

Recommended People Foods

changing dog foods
  The only right food to feed your Chihuahua for the first few days after you bring her home is the one she was eating before you got her. Even if your new Chihuahua is an adult, make only gradual changes in her diet. She’s experiencing enough newness in her […]

Changing Dog Foods

dog foods for special reasons
  Many of the companies offer special dog foods for every stage of a dog’s life. And that’s a good thing. Dogs have different nutritional requirements at different times, just like people. The following sections break down the different stages or options and their nutritional requirements. Growth formula Whether you […]

Dog Foods For Special Reasons

natural dog food supplements
  Tailor your senior dog’s diet to ensure she’s spry and sprightly well into her golden years. Though it is bittersweet watching our dogs grow older, the senior years can be a wonderful time for our best friends, especially if we give them a leg up by maximizing their health. […]

Natural Dog Food Supplements