Bringing Home A Chihuahua

Before bringing home a Chihuahua or rescue dog, you need to make your place accessible and comfortable for him. Don’t think for one second that a toy dog would prefer to live in a place described as a box or pen. He, like every other breed, wants to live with the best accommodations such as plenty of toys, soft bedding and other luxuries. Your home is now his home, too.

how to find a good chihuahua breeder
Knowing what makes for a good Chihuahua breeder and actually finding one can be two different stories. A few reputable breeders do advertise litters in the newspaper from time to time, but most don’t. Newspaper advertising tends to draw a wide range of potential puppy buyers, and many breeders frankly […]

How to Find a Good Chihuahua Breeder

You can save money by purchasing the right Chihuahua supplies. Shopping for your puppy’s supplies in advance gives you an opportunity to compare prices and select the right size or design. Online retailers usually offer the most competitive prices and the largest selection. However, it can be tricky to correctly […]

Shopping List for Chihuahuas

Once you have decided on a Chihuahua, you must narrow down your choice. The breed standard will guide you through some of these decisions. These official descriptions formulated by each breed’s national parent club provide detailed explanations of ideal traits and serious faults. No Chihuahua is perfect, but the standard […]

How to Choose a Perfect Chihuahua

  Aside from making sure your Chihuahua will be comfortable in your home, you also have to ensure that your home is safe, which means taking the proper precautions to keep your pup away from things that are dangerous for him. Puppy proofing your home, is the first thing you […]

Puppy Proofing Your Home

  It’s fun shopping for a new puppy or rescue dog. From training to feeding and sleeping to playing, your new puppy will need a few dog accessories to make life comfy, easy and fun. Be prepared and visit your local pet-supply store or major online pet stores, before you […]

Dog Accessories For Your Chi

  Finding the right dog clothing for your Chihuahua, sometimes can be quite challenging. Not knowing where to buy from, or where to find the best deals. But why you should consider spending money on different dog outfits. There’s a several reason why you should purchase dog clothing for your […]

Dog Clothing For Your Chihuahua

  Dog expenses can vary quite a bit, depending on its breed. By having a dog, can cost you between $600 to roughly $1000 every year, not including the cost of her adoption. Also bills from periodic vet visits will keep coming year after year. So before you commit, you […]

Common Dog Expenses

  When deciding if the Chihuahua is right for you, you should also consider whether you and your family are right for this breed. If you have small children, the answer is likely no. The problem is not that Chihuahua puppies are bad with children. When treated with proper respect, […]

Chihuahuas And Children

  You know you want a puppy and you’ve decided how to select the one that is the perfect match for you and for your lifestyle. Now, how do you actually find the dog you’re looking for? There are really three options – you can go to a shelter, contact […]

Where To Buy A Chihuahua

  The first step toward finding a fabulous four-legged family member is locating a respected breeder. The best Chihuahua breeders usually specialize in only Chihuahuas, devoting years to preserving the breed’s finest traits. Good breeders often are members of the Chihuahua Club of America (CCA), and perhaps local dog clubs […]

Finding Good Chihuahua Breeders