Dog Behavior Problems

Here we share some useful tips about preventing and correcting different dog behavior problems, what you may encounter with your puppy. Such behavior problems can be: separation anxiety, aggressive behavior, excessive barking, submissive urination, chewing problems, and many more…..

how to stop a chihuahua from running away
Chihuahuas aren’t the worst breed when it comes to running away from every means of containment possible. They simply can’t scale fences, jump as high, or bite and pull as hard as many of the larger breeds. Chihuahuas are, however, very athletic, and they often exceed their owner’s estimations, making […]

How to Stop a Chihuahua From Running Away

  Avoiding common dog handling mistakes can make all the difference in the world to a dog’s life. By setting up the home properly and abiding by a few time-tested principles, you can prevent disharmony and ensure a loving partnership that benefits all. The following ten bad owner habits are […]

Common Dog Handling Mistakes

  There’s a few training methods you can use, to deal with unwanted dog jumping. Find below the most common methods, to correct this bad habit: Redirecting Unwanted Greetings If your dog loves retrieving games with toys or balls, take one with you to the park. For the first ten […]

Dealing With Unwanted Dog Jumping

  So how to stop a dog from jumping up at you or at your visitors? Dogs seems to be obsessed with face-to-face contact, wanting to lick and nudge our faces and mouths with theirs. This is rather like our preoccupation with shaking people’s hands when we meet them. Between […]

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping

  There’s a few things you can do to prevent play biting in dogs. From day one, avoid playing any games that involve mouthing. If your puppy tries to solicit attention from you by play biting, ignore him. Just get up and walk away. Alternatively, take hold of the puppy […]

How To Prevent Play Biting In Dogs

  Many dog owners are asking the same question: why is my dog aggressive? Let’s look in more detail at the many factors that can contribute to or exacerbate aggression in dogs. Lack Of Socialization This cause of aggression is very common. It’s comes about because of poor socialization between […]

Why Is My Dog Aggressive?

  Dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs, irrespective of sex, size, or breed, tend to be motivated by a sense of fear. Specific aggression toward dogs of the same gender usually tends to be of the dominant type and can be stimulated by competition coupled with a strong inherited […]

Fear Aggression Toward Dogs

  Preventing aggression in dogs is much easier than correcting it later on. There are many different reasons why puppies display aggressive behavior, but all aggressive dogs should be handled with the help of a professional. Aggression in dogs can occur when they trying to escape from a frightening situation. […]

Aggression In Dogs

  Though fear aggression can be inherited, it mostly occurs as a result of poor early socialization or an early trauma in puppyhood. Most fearful dogs become aggressive as they mature, though not all do. There are still too many breeders who do not like letting puppies go to other […]

Fear Aggression Toward People

  Dog beds can provide your Chihuahua with soft, comfortable place to lie down. Until your puppy is house trained and past the chewing stage, however, you should place the dog bed in a common area of your home where you can supervise. You should not place the bed in […]

Dog beds and crates

  In addition to a basic leash and a long leash, houselines and yardlines are essential puppy training tools. They allow an owner to easily gain control of their puppy without having to chase the puppy around. They are also useful for discouraging unwanted behavior, such as stopping a puppy […]

Houselines And Yardlines

  Now we have a better understanding of how and why some dogs behave in an aggressive manner toward people, we need to adopt a program to demote the problem dog psychologically, and at the same time implement practical training routines that quickly teach the dog that it will have […]

How To Stop Dog Aggression

  Few dog owners realize that obedience training should be practiced using a leash and collar in the home. The home is where many of the problems with dominant dogs crop up, yet people will happily go off to a club once a week to learn training and may even […]

House Obedience Training

  This problem nearly always arises when a puppy is spoiled or not conditioned to accept an appropriate routine. As a youngster, it may have been allowed to sleep in its owner’s bedroom and received constant attention, or its cute and cuddly appearance may have attracted excessive fussing from visitors […]

General Causes Of Separation Anxiety

  For dogs barking is a natural form of communication. A dog would hardly be a dog if it didn’t bark sometimes. However, excessive barking can become a quite a big problem. There are several reasons for excessive barking or howling. Some owners encourage a puppy to bark, to develop […]

Preventing Excessive Barking

  Dealing with Chihuahua chewing problems is probably the biggest challenge what most Chihuahua owners have to face with. If there’s one thing puppies are known for, it’s their ability to destroy expensive shoes in a matter of minutes. Chihuahuas chew for many reasons – teething, instinct and to explore […]

Chihuahua Chewing Problems

  Coming in to find your dog munching on your favorite slippers is not everyone’s idea of the ideal owner-dog relationship. Of course, from the dog’s point of view there’s nothing wrong with chewing tasty leather or soft material – it’s only natural to investigate objects by smell and taste, […]

Why Are Some Dogs Destructive?

  Puppy biting is probably one of the most common behavior problems. For puppies, the best way to explore the world around them is to examine every new object by putting it in their mouths. Although nipping and mouthing is normal, young puppies may have difficulty controlling the strength of […]

How To Stop Puppy Biting

  Have you ever seen a dog growl, freeze or snap to protect their food? Puppies learn this possessive behavior, also called resource guarding, when they are very young. Some puppies become assertive to protect their food and toys from their litter mates. Most puppies, however, don’t behave this way […]

Preventing Possessive Behavior

  Many dogs are over attached to their owners and appear to be incapable of spending time on their own. Use the following methods on such dogs to change their view of spending time alone. It is normal in human society for people to spend time alone. Wolf society is […]

Anxiety Related Barking

  Most dogs love cars and all the accompanying excitement of going for a drive. They associate cars with fun-being with you, going on a hunt, a walk in the park. Riding in the car has all the visual stimulus of a hunt, with other dogs and animals flashing by. […]

Barking In The Car

  Here we list a few common questions with answers to it, what most dog owners are having problem with. Some of these questions are related to different dog behavior issues, dog health issues and other general problems. How do I correct my puppy after an accident? You can’t. You […]

Common Dog Related Questions

  If your puppy starts to cry when it’s alone in its pen, wait until silence occurs, then go in and make a mild fuss, but not too much, otherwise you may encourage separation anxiety. Don’t let the dog think that every time you come to its area it will […]

Reducing Dependence

  Teaching your dog good doorway manners can mean the difference between a pet who waits calmly to go outside and one who runs through every open door. A puppy that tries to escape when the door is opened can easily become lost or get hurt if he runs out […]

Doorway Manners