Chihuahua Health Problems

Staying on top of your Chihuahua health problems via early diagnosis and treatment often yields the best prognosis, by either correcting a problem before it becomes severe or permanent, or for life-ending diseases, by helping slow disease progression and extending your dog’s remaining months or years.

  Sometimes your Chihuahua may exhibit a dry, honking cough after excitement or play. After exercise or a big burst of excitement, your Chi might have labored breathing, be overly fatigued, even faint. The honking cough and these other clinical signs suggest your dog may have a tracheal collapse. This […]

Tracheal Collapse In Chihuahuas

Quite common among Chihuahuas, bad knees known as Patellar luxation (slipped kneecap), an orthopedic problem, is one of the most common causes of lameness. It’s usually caused by abnormalities in the patella ( a flat, movable bone at the front of the knee) and is a hereditary disorder. Generally, the […]

Patellar Luxation In Chihuahuas

  Hypoglycemia can be a life threatening problem for  Chihuahuas and other toy breeds. Usually develops in pups younger than four months of age. Hypoglycemia in dogs can occur after exercising vigorously, when they’re stressed (such as during a trip to the veterinarian) or when they’ve gone too long without […]

Hypoglycemia In Dogs

  Here we’re going to talk about 5 new ways to treat dog arthritis. Human remedies for the common age-related breakdown of cartilage, which triggers joint pain, can also soothe your slowing, limping pup.  Inflammation in joints can occur quite often, especially with dogs of larger size, but that doesn’t […]

Treatment For Dog Arthritis