using daycare for your dog
Whether you work full time and need regular daycare for your dog or you take a single vacation a year, you will need someone to look after your Chihuahua when you cannot. If you have a responsible friend or family member with whom you feel comfortable leaving your dog when […]

Using Daycare For Your Dog

how to stop a chihuahua from running away
Chihuahuas aren’t the worst breed when it comes to running away from every means of containment possible. They simply can’t scale fences, jump as high, or bite and pull as hard as many of the larger breeds. Chihuahuas are, however, very athletic, and they often exceed their owner’s estimations, making […]

How to Stop a Chihuahua From Running Away

how fit is your chihuahua
Beyond weight and diet, if your Chihuahua is sedentary, elderly, or has developed back or joint problems or any condition, such as hip dysplasia, get him checked before you embark on a fitness program. Most dogs can increase their activity levels without any problem, but particular activities sometimes need to […]

How Fit Is Your Chihuahua?

balancing a treat on his paw
Teach your Chihuahua to balance a treat on his paw and wait to eat it until he’s told he can. If you’ve got a Chihuahua with extra-good balance and excellent self-control, there are also some tips on how to teach the more difficult version of this trick. An accomplished dog […]

Balancing a Treat on His Paw

using food lures while training
Sometimes waiting for your Chi to produce the desired behavior on her own may take too long. In this case, using food lures to shape your Chihuahua into position can be very effective and is absolutely nonconfrontational and nonthreatening. A really good example of using a food lure to shape […]

Using Food Lures While Training

chihuahua with other chihuahuas
Chihuahuas love other Chihuahuas. Whether they’re long haired or short haired, if that dog is a Chihuahua, your Chihuahua is likely to want to engage her in some good old wild Chihuahua play. Introducing two Chis to each other is therefore rarely a problem. The Chihuahuas will want to sniff […]

Chihuahua With Other Chihuahuas

how to find a good chihuahua breeder
Knowing what makes for a good Chihuahua breeder and actually finding one can be two different stories. A few reputable breeders do advertise litters in the newspaper from time to time, but most don’t. Newspaper advertising tends to draw a wide range of potential puppy buyers, and many breeders frankly […]

How to Find a Good Chihuahua Breeder

including training into your daily life
Teaching your Chihuahua to respond to basic commands is the obvious benefit of training. Including these training skills into your daily life will make your interaction with your dog a success!! For example, perhaps your Chihuahua regularly launches into a barking frenzy when the doorbell rings. Chihuahuas are naturally territorial, […]

Including Training Into Your Daily Life

You can save money by purchasing the right Chihuahua supplies. Shopping for your puppy’s supplies in advance gives you an opportunity to compare prices and select the right size or design. Online retailers usually offer the most competitive prices and the largest selection. However, it can be tricky to correctly […]

Shopping List for Chihuahuas

Once you have decided on a Chihuahua, you must narrow down your choice. The breed standard will guide you through some of these decisions. These official descriptions formulated by each breed’s national parent club provide detailed explanations of ideal traits and serious faults. No Chihuahua is perfect, but the standard […]

How to Choose a Perfect Chihuahua

Most people assume that a dog that guards her resources – like food, bones, chews, toys, or stolen goods – is a very bad, dominant, aggressive dog. Precisely the opposite is usually true. Usually, and this is most obvious in a pack of dogs, the alpha Chihuahua doesn’t need to […]

Dealing With Resource Guarding

If you have other pets, they should also be included in your Chihuahua’s socialization program. If your Chihuahua is a puppy, begin socializing him to other species as young as possible. Puppies are far more willing to form friendships with other species. If these introductions are made during his intensive […]

Chihuahuas and Other Pets

Communicating with your Chihuahua is extremely important when it comes to training your  puppy. To understand how a dog communicates can be crucial in our training efforts. Voice. Dogs are extremely sensitive to human vocal tones. Although your Chihuahua doesn’t have the capacity to understand English, his ability to understand […]

Communicating with Your Chihuahua

Even the best dogs with the best owners can sometimes do the worst things. Too often distraught owners get their training advice from the next-door neighbor or dog trainers who don’t have a scientific background in dog behavior. Veterinarians can sometimes offer advice, but few are extensively trained in behavior. […]

Chihuahua Behavior Problems

Understanding the normal values for your Chihuahua will help you detect when something is not right. The following describes four signs you can monitor. Gum Color: The simplest yet most overlooked checkpoint is your dog\’92s gum color. Looking at the gums is so simple, yet virtually no one does it […]

Signs Of A Healthy Chihuahua