Dealing With Barking

  For dogs barking is a natural form of communication. A dog would hardly be a dog if it didn’t bark sometimes. However, excessive barking can become a quite a big problem. There are several reasons for excessive barking or howling. Some owners encourage a puppy to bark, to develop […]

Preventing Excessive Barking

  Many dogs are over attached to their owners and appear to be incapable of spending time on their own. Use the following methods on such dogs to change their view of spending time alone. It is normal in human society for people to spend time alone. Wolf society is […]

Anxiety Related Barking

  Most dogs love cars and all the accompanying excitement of going for a drive. They associate cars with fun-being with you, going on a hunt, a walk in the park. Riding in the car has all the visual stimulus of a hunt, with other dogs and animals flashing by. […]

Barking In The Car