Aggression Toward People

  Though fear aggression can be inherited, it mostly occurs as a result of poor early socialization or an early trauma in puppyhood. Most fearful dogs become aggressive as they mature, though not all do. There are still too many breeders who do not like letting puppies go to other […]

Fear Aggression Toward People

  Now we have a better understanding of how and why some dogs behave in an aggressive manner toward people, we need to adopt a program to demote the problem dog psychologically, and at the same time implement practical training routines that quickly teach the dog that it will have […]

How To Stop Dog Aggression

  Few dog owners realize that obedience training should be practiced using a leash and collar in the home. The home is where many of the problems with dominant dogs crop up, yet people will happily go off to a club once a week to learn training and may even […]

House Obedience Training