Choosing Dog Health Insurance

Generally, dog health insurance protects you from large unexpected veterinary bills. The age-old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a reminder that no one likes going to the doctor, and that includes our dogs going to the veterinarian. However, there will come a time when we need to take our four-legged friends to the vet, whether it’s for a wellness check-up or something more serious.

While some dogs need health insurance, others don’t, so if you are considering insurance, the best time to choose a policy is while your dog is healthy.Before deciding if dog health insurance is the best option for you and your puppy, it’s important to do your research about your dog’s breed to determine whether or not insurance is appropriate. You’ll also want to decide if a basic plan is adequate or if more comprehensive coverage is necessary for your dog.

Given the increase in re-homed dogs compared to five years ago, more insurance policies are covering pre-existing conditions after a waiting period. All dogs at some point run the risk of having some kind of accident or becoming sick.

However, there are certain dogs and breeds that are more prone to conditions that require expensive vet care. Consequently, there are insurance companies that will offer optional amendments to your policy covering common exclusions, such as hereditary and chronic conditions. Depending on the insurance company and policy, they may reimburse you a certain percentage of your veterinary costs.

Routine coverage is less costly than comprehensive coverage, therefore offering you less coverage. Most insurance premiums vary based on age, size (as an adult), plan type, deductible and state of residence.

Large breeds that most commonly need health insurance are often due to dysplasia, thyroid problems and bloat, while small breeds tend to need comprehensive coverage due to respiratory concerns, eye issues, collapsed nostrils as well as heart problems.

Typical Routine Coverage:

  • Medication
  • Occasional illness
  • Yearly Shots

Typical Comprehensive Coverage

There are several pet insurance companies out there, that offer some kind of protection for your dog, but only few of them offers quite competitive health coverage.  See which insurance plans you should choose for your dog.

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