Traveling By Air


Each airline hastravelling-with-a-chihuahua different policies regarding travel with pets. Nearly all charge a fee. Before paying for a reservation, call the airline to determine its pet policy. Remember, airline policies are subject to change without notice. Because of the Chihuahua’s small size, he may avoid being checked as baggage. The dog must, however, be in a proper-sized carrier with room to move around. The carrier has to fit underneath your seat.

Special requirements exist for foreign travel, even to neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada. Call the U.S. State Department to find out what documents your dog needs. Some countries quarantine dogs from foreign countries for 6 months at the owner’s expense. You may reconsider taking your Chihuahua to another country unless the move is permanent.

Tips For Air Travel

  • Avoid connecting flights. This reduces the chances your pet will be lost.
  • If the airline checks all dogs as baggage no matter the size of the breed, fly at night. If the plane gets stuck on the tarmac, the baggage compartment probably will be less hot than in the daytime.
  • Check the airline’s safety record of handling pets. Some display poor practices.
  • Fly with your dog only if it is absolutely necessary. Every year pets die or get lost on commercial airlines flights.
  • Your Chihuahua will need a health certificate signed by your veterinarian 10 days prior your flight date
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