How To Prevent Behavior Problems


Beside house training issues, common Chihuahua behavior problems include: destructive chewing, excessive barking, jumping, nipping, and possessiveness. Okay, that’s the bad news. The good news is that if your Chihuahua is still young, you can prevent most of the typical pitfalls of puppyhood.

And prevention is a whole lot easier than correcting problems after they become bad habits. Yes, that’s possible, too, but why do it the hard way when prevention is so much easier?

Here’s some common dog behavior problems, what you may encounter with your Chihuahua .

Dealing with dog chewing problems

Your puppy needs to chew, but teaching him what to chew isn’t always easy. After your Chihuahua knows how to walk on lead, teach him to discriminate between his toys and taboo items by taking him on a “shopping spree” right in your living room:

Choose a word that means “get that out of your mouth”. Most people opt for “Out” or “Drop It”.
Place some personal objects -such as a wallet, slippers, or purse-and some paper products-like napkins or a roll of toilet paper-on the floor along with of your puppy’s toys.
With the props in place, put a leash on your puppy and let him explore the clutter.
When he picks up a taboo item, say your command along with giving a tiny jerk on the leash (just enough so he feels it).
Walk toward an appropriate toy and encourage your puppy to play with it.

Take your puppy shopping a couple times a day and he’ll soon take pride in leading you to one of his correct objects. When he does, be sure to praise him and let him to keep his toy. And now that he knows the command for releasing an object, you should use that command, and only that command, whether he’s holding a slipper, a finger, or a dead bird.

Another very common situation, when you can end up dealing with dog chewing problems, is when you leave your puppy at home, while you’re gone. In this case you’re dealing with an anxiety problem and not with a house training issue.

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Dealing with dog jumping

Dog jumping can be another issue when it comes to dog behavior problems. But if you own a Chihuahua, not necessarily can be considered as a problem. After all , Chihuahuas weigh hardly anything, so the danger of most people being knocked over is nonexistent.

Some people like having their dogs joyfully jump on them. If you’re one of those people, nothing is wrong with jumping as long as you enjoy having your puppy jump on you no matter what you’re wearing.

Your Chi isn’t clothes-conscious enough to understand that jumping on you when you’re wearing jeans is okay, but it isn’t okay when you’re dressed to impress. The point is, don’t let him do something one day that you don’t want him to do another day. Decide right away if jumping is okay or not.

You’ll have to change your Chi’s method of greeting people when you teach him not to jump. For instance, teach him to Sit on command, and then tell him to sit as soon as you open the door. When he does kneel down to his level and give him plenty of praise.

A Chihuahua will want to jump on you for instant attention, but if you withhold your attention until after he’s sitting, he’ll soon learn to Sit for your approval.

Preventing dog nipping

Puppy nipping can be considered as one of dog behavior problems. Puppies use their mouths to investigate things, much the same way humans use their hands. They also use their mouths in play and sometimes to vent their high spirits. But needle sharp teeth can be painful, so you must teach your puppy that nipping isn’t nice.

Resist the urge to jerk your hand away from your puppy when he clamps down on it. That’s the canine version of an invitation to play, so pulling away just makes him come back for another nip.

How can you tell your pup that clamping down hurts? Say ouch! And say it like you mean it. Screech it out in a high-pitched voice that lets him know that he hurt you. Most pups will lick you in apology. If a week or two of yelping “Ouch!” doesn’t make a difference, choose a command that means “Don’t Bite”. Say it every time your Chihuahua touches you with his teeth, and put your finger on his nose and press gently while you say it.



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